USCIS Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Test Prep

The USCIS Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Test Prep course is designed to prepare permanent residents/Green Card holders in the United States for the Civics portion of the federally-mandated test required to become a naturalized citizen of the country.

Course Objectives:

  • Review and understand interview procedures of USCIS

  • Provide better preparation for the Civics portion of the USCIC Naturalization test

  • Encourage independent review the material provided before your test date

  • Compile the listed answers for all 100 of the questions that you may be asked

  1. Session 1: American History Part I

    Topics Covered:

    • Colonial Period and Independence

    Synopsis: The democratic foundation of the United States was centered around the world's first successful modern government under a democratic constitution. With this ideology infused into the nation's earliest and most important documents, examine how early American principles are brought to life under a new nation:


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    • Session 2: American Government

      Topics Covered:

      • Principles of American Government

      • System of Government

      • Rights and Responsibilities

      Synopsis: In order to actualize the principles of American democracy, the Constitution would have to create a strong central government that would not infringe upon the rights of its citizens. It wasn't the easiest process, but with its ratification in 1788, the United States Constitution would take effect the following year and remains the staple of the U.S. government ever since. See how the federal government was established and who the nation's current elected figures are:

      Materials for Download:

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      • Session 3: American History Part II

        Topics Covered:

        • 1800s

        • Recent History

        • Other Historical Information

        Synopsis: The 1800s would mark a century of a new nation as the United States attempted to fulfill its potential backed upon faith and personal liberty. However, the unity of its states was tested in the country's most historically significant war. Find out which war and how the United States made it out of the 19th century perhaps better than it entered the previous.

        Then, move into the 1900s and more recent events, the United States has witness a period of tremendous change in a relatively short period of time. From monumental wars to the threat of nuclear warfare, the country and its political climate was tested, but the nation sped through the century championing the principles of democracy. See how the U.S. fared in one of the most trying times in human history:

        Materials for Download:

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        • Session 4: Integrated Civics

          Topics Covered:

          • Geography

          • Holidays

          • Symbols

          Synopsis: The United States is a vast and geographical diverse land mass that features long borders with North American land complements of Canada and Central America, and to its east and west are the world's largest oceans. You'll have to know which states border each, so take a look.

          The flag, national anthem, and celebration of national holidays hold great significance in honoring American history. From 50 stars and 13 stripes to a celebration of our independence, here's a quick list of 'what's what' in symbols and holidays of the United States:

          Materials for Download:

          Geographic Map for Questions 88-90, 92-95 (1)

          External Resources:


          In order to best utilize the course, you should be:

          • 18-64 years old

          • Able to effectively communicate in English

          • Be eligible to take Naturalization test

          • Be a Permanent Resident/Green Card holder

          • Expecting to take the test within the next 12 to 18 months


          Full course syllabus available here

          100 Questions from USCIS located here [Important]

          All necessary files located here

          Dec. 1st - SESSION 01: Personal Introduction and American History Part I

          Dec. 29th - SESSION 02: American Government

          Jan. 12th - SESSION 03: American History Part II

          January 26th - SESSION 04: Integrated Civics

          Additional information
          Teacher qualifications
          • Bachelor of Arts in History

          • Graduated summa cum laude from Kean University (Union, N.J.)

          • Local tutor in USCIS Civics Test Prep

          Latest Update
          Session Three Available Now (2014-01-13 06:21:19)

          "Note: Materials for Session Three (American History Part II) are available through the class page and /r/USCISCivics now. The next session will be posted in two weeks time, meaning you have a healthy period in between to review the materials. You, of course, may do so at your own leisure. If you have any questions, you may e-mail me or post in the Question Thread on /r/USCISCivics.

          Important: I did a complete face-lift of the subreddit - /r/USCISCivics. If you have any questions, you make ask them there as well. The second assessment will also be there - link is posted as its own submission.

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