Argentine Spanish 101

With roughly 50 million speakers across Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, River Plate Spanish is perhaps one of the largest Spanish dialect groups and, certainly, one of the most distinct. It's a language shaped by immigration: massive Italian immigration (60% of Argentines are of Italian descent) has given the language and populace a unique Italian feel.

The culture and architecture of Buenos Aires and Montevideo is strongly European, leading many to refer to Buenos Aires as the "Paris of South America". This should come as no surprise: Up to 97% of the Argentina population is of European descent, setting it apart from other countries in Latin America.

This course aims to teach not only River Plate Spanish, but also bits of culture and history.

  1. Lesson 1 - Pronouns, Nouns, Colours, Traits, Location

    Lesson 1

    • Basic subject pronouns (I, you, he, we, etc.)
    • Some basic nouns (man, woman)
    • Colours (black, white, red, etc.)
    • Personality traits (happy, sad, mad)
    • Establishing location

    Lesson 1 Glossary

    This is a glossary of words used in the lesson, as well as some additional vocabulary and verb conjugations.

    Pronunciation Guide

    This is a pronunciation guide, corresponding mostly to the speech of Buenos Aires. It should be considered as a reference guide. Further pronunciation information will be given throughout the course.

    Quiz 1

    In order to submit this quiz for corrections, you should comment with your answers to this reddit post

    • Basic Information, Greetings, Question Words, First Conjugation Verbs

      Lesson 2

      • Giving and receiving basic personal information(name, nationality, origin, language, family)
      • Greetings, inquiries of state of being(hello, how are you)
      • Interrogatives(what, how, why, which)
      • First conjugation verbs

      There's no quiz for this week, but there will be a quiz incorporating this week's materials next week, as it builds on this lesson heavily.

      • Possession, Object Pronouns, Third Conjugation Verbs

        Lesson 3

        • Establishing possession
        • Object location
        • Transfers of possession
        • Object pronouns
        • Third conjugation verbs

        Lesson 3 Glossary

        Quiz 2

        • Goals, Plans, Wants, and Needs

          Lesson 4

          • Communicating future goals and plans
          • Establishing wants and needs
          • Querer, pensar, tener que, necesitar
          • Future tense

          Lesson 4 Glossary

          Quiz 3

          Definite and Indefinite Articles Review


          There are no formal prerequisites or limits on joining the course: this is an introductory class. However, as with all language classes, a background in the language, culture, or linguistics will serve useful to students.


          Texts: There will be no specific books necessary for this course. I'll, perhaps, make book recommendations sporadically throughout the course, but none will be necessary for the course.

          The course will make use of text, audio, and, occasionally, video resources. The goal is to get you speaking useful Spanish quickly. Little time will be spent on unnecessary details(Remember, this is a 101 course!). I'll be posting materials and lectures/lessons at http://www.reddit.com/r/Argentine101/

          Homework will be mostly informal and will not be a huge part of this course. It should be sent as a comment to the corresponding lessons' reddit post on r/Argentine101.

          Other Recommendations: I highly recommend that you use a flashcard program such as Anki to study vocabulary, as the vocabulary in the course will build on itself. Additionally, remember to use all your resources. Both r/spanish and r/learnspanish are your friends: they will help you. And, of course, I'll also be here to help.

          The course will mostly follow this organisation:

          1. Characteristics or Qualities:

            • Characteristics and Traits
            • Location
            • Pronouns
            • Basic Adjectives
            • Ser vs. Estar
          2. Personal Inquiries:

            • Giving and receiving basic personal information(name, nationality, origin, language, family)
            • Greetings, inquiries of state of being(hello, how are you)
            • Interrogatives(what, how, why, which)
            • First conjugation verbs
          3. Possession:

            • Establishing possession
            • Object location
            • Transfers of possession
            • Possessive pronouns and adjectives
            • Direct object pronouns
            • Tener, agarrar, conseguir, dar
            • Third conjugation verbs
          4. Future Plans:

            • Establishing wants and needs
            • Communicating future goals and plans
            • Querer, pensar, tener que, necesitar
            • Future tense
          5. Daily Occurrences, Routines:

            • Explaining daily routine(wake up, get dressed)
            • Communicating basic social activities/events(parties, films, shopping)
            • Second conjugation verbs
            • Introduction to the Preterite
          6. Opinions:

            • Expressing likes and dislikes
            • Communicating traits of non-human items(food, weather, living things)
            • Communicating physical characteristics
            • "Gustar" type verbs
            • Indirect object pronouns
          Additional information
          Teacher qualifications

          I've studied Spanish and Spanish Linguistics both formally and independently for roughly four years. I fell in love with Argentina (the culture, the history, the language) early on, and it's become my passion.

          I took Spanish throughout high school and later scored a 5 on the AP Spanish exam. Currently, I'm a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm majoring in Applied Linguistics and Spanish.

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