Beginner Mandarin Chinese

This course is for people with little to no experience with Mandarin. We will start with basic pronunciation, and then move to basic greetings, and then start working with some beginner level grammatical structures.

The course will take place over 8 weeks. I will be doing a lecture every Wednesday at 8pm EST (UTC-5), starting on October 30th, 2013.

I will be giving these lectures using a VoIP program called Mumble. If you have used Mumble in the past, the information for where to join will be below. If you have not used Mumble before, I will have instructions below for how to set it up. We will also use an online collaborative whiteboard program of some sort, but that will not require any setting up by you prior to class; I will just have a link that I will give to everyone to join.

I would rather use a voice chat software rather than just uploading video lectures so that people can interact with me and one another. You have to speak and listen to the language in order to learn it. However, if the lecture time does not work out at all for you, I will be recording these class periods and uploading them to Youtube for people to watch at a later time.

It is not required that you have a microphone, but it is helpful. But if you don't have one, you will still be able to ask questions using the text chat in Mumble.

  1. 第〇课:拼音和发音 (October 30)

    In this lesson we are going to learn pronunciation and Pinyin, the standard romanization of Mandarin.

  2. 第一课:问好 (November 6)

    Looking at some basic greetings, the verbs 姓,叫,and 是,and how to form some A-verb-B sentences. Also, the adverbs 不 and 也, and how to form yes/no questions with 吗.

  3. 第二课:家庭 (November 13)

    Talking about family, the particle 的, the verb 有, difference between 二 and 两, the adverb 都, measure words, and question pronouns(who, what when, where, why). Numbers 1-10.

  4. 第三课:时间 (November 20)

    Numbers 1-100. Dates and Times. 我请你 and 你请我. Verb不verb questions. The adverb 还.

  5. 第四课:爱好 (December 4)

    Talking about hobbies. More on word order, 那么, 去+verb, and questions with 好吗, 想, verb+object compounds.

  6. 第五课:看朋友 (December 11)

    Visiting friends. 一下 vs. 一点儿, adjectives as predicates, the preposition 在, the particle 吧, the particle 了, the adverb 才.

    • 第六课:约时间 (December 18)

      Making appointments. 给,要,得,and 别.

      • 第七课:学中文 (December 18, maybe)

        Talking about studying Chinese. The adverbs 太,真,and 就, double objects, ordinal numbers, 有一点儿, 怎么, more about 的, and how to use nouns and pronouns in continuous conversation.


        None, this course is intended for the absolute beginner.


        There will be no required text for this class.

        As stated above, for the live lectures, we will meet in a program called Mumble. You can download it here: http://www.mumble.com/

        If you have never used Mumble before, just download it for your OS from the link above, and then view the following video to help you set it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z9j_3mAQDU

        Once it is set up, you can join the server we will use with this information:

        Address: mumble.redditgaming.com

        Port: 64748

        Once there, class will be held in the RedditClass channel under Dota 2. My username in the server will be "gamma."

        If you run into any problems, send me a pm here on ureddit.

        Additional information


        Teacher qualifications

        I have been studying Mandarin for the last two years.

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