Ordinary Linear Differential Equations + Matrix Differential Equations

This will be a introductory course in differential equations. Differential equations can be seen everywhere in our everyday lives and you dont even know it. This course will primarily be a theoretical and analytical based course. There will be no rigorous proofs about concepts.


Really im going to require no prior knowledge for this course, i can theoretically build this from the bottom up. However if you have taken a university level calc I or II you would probably have a better experience.


Things to be covered are as followed * -Definitions and vocabulary * -Separable Differential Equations * -Exact differential equations * -Numerical approximations of differential equations * -substitution methods while solving differential equations * -Use of integrating factor in solving equations * -Bernoulli differential equations * -unique and general solutions * -solving higher order differential equations * -Use of the taylor series and maclaurian series * -Other things

Additional information

Got my 5 upvotes, now lets get this started!!! I already did one class here http://ureddit.com/class/48294/linear-algebra it was a pretty nice adventure and i got alot of possible feedback. Like i said before i hope to give you a new perspective on mathematics that you may of not once had. I believe knowledge should be spread and everyone should have the ability to learn if they want to. So this is my way of giving back and perhaps making a class such as this that you might be required to take for a specific major and hate, however perhaps after this might actually enjoy mathematics. As you can tell i major in math and programming not english :)

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Got a A.S in CS/Math, i am currently working towards my masters and eventual PHD. I am by no bounds a MIT or Stanford professor, however i think i can lead you in the right direction and hopefully give you a new perspective of mathematics you may of never thought of before.

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