Sports 101: Introductory class on all sports

This is an introductory class for those who are trying to understand sports. Perfect for people who are trying to understand new sports or if you are trying to impress someone close to you:)

The goal of this class is to highlight the excitement and fun of each sport and we will cover interesting history, basic rules, and fan traditions.

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A willingness to learn more about sports and become a fan.


All class materials will be located at www.reddit.com/r/sports101 and will be updated weekly. I will probably create a website with some course materials and some good links.

The first week will be an introduction of sports, the effect on them, and why they are such a huge aspect of today's society.

After that, we will highlight a new sport every week. Topics will include basic rules, league structure, fun historical tidbits, tips on how to be a fan, and a glossary of terms/lingo.

Grading is to be determined. Rest assured, it will be fun and competitive!

Additional information


If you would like to help with lesson plans or provide assistance in anyway, please let me know!

Teacher qualifications

I am a huge fan of ALL sports and grew up in a competitive, sports-loving family. Some highlights:

  • Grew up playing baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and football.
  • Participated in the 1996 Olympic Games and went to numerous events
  • Viewed a home game for every Major League Baseball team (this was years ago, so my list is filled with older stadiums instead of new ones)
  • Worked for a college football team for 5 years
  • Worked for the NFL Combines for 3 years
  • Avid Fantasy Football player (spend hundreds per year on leagues)
  • Started a company providing data analytics for soccer teams
  • Went to every home Atlanta Thrashers (Hockey) game for 3 years
  • Play in numerous amateur tennis leagues
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