An Introduction to Teaching in the Inner-City Public High School.

This class will not explore the information one receives in a typical education course. This course is designed to instruct a new teacher in how to effectively teach in a very specific environment, the inner-city public middle/high school. Content areas will include: classroom management, dealing with the school administration, dealing with the district, overcoming behavioral problems specific to at-risk youth, what to expect, the modern inner-city teenager, and various tips and tricks. This is an introductory level course.

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This class will start on April 2nd. One lecture will be posted on youtube on Monday of every week. The link to that youtube channel will be submitted in the subreddit on the morning of April 2nd.

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Teacher qualifications

Bachelor's of Anthropology - University of Michigan. Taught in an inner-city high school in Philadelphia. Managed 18 at-risk youth in a summer camp. Ran after school programs for at-risk youth.

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Class Cancelled (2012-04-09 16:45:00)

"Not enough interest generated in class. I suppose the topic was too specific.