Painting a still life in oil

Introductory course into painting a still life with oil, focusing on the development on composition and the fundamental tools and techniques of oil painting.

** Here is something to get you started: http://ureddit.com/files/class24107/files/ **

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Ability to hold paint brush ( hands, feet, mouth, whatever ), and the mobility to use them in the application of the paint.

Introductory course into painting a still life with oil, focusing on development of composition and the fundamental tools and techniques of oil painting. 

All of the paintings created during this course will be different in style and perspective, while displaying a similar purpose. Images will be submitted to the instructor through email or other approved method ( please ask me how to submit images for critique). Compositions should be approved with the instructor as soon as possible so that the painting can start.  Students in this class will be of a varying skill level; do not be discouraged – sometimes the best painting is from the least experienced person in the class. 

( i.e: advanced students: don't get too cocky)

Let me know if you want me to choose your still life subject matter, or if you have something in mind. I would like to see the pictures of the still life before hand if you do. I have a still life in mind, but please show me what you are interested in painting.

Week 1: Choose still life, and draw 10 compositional renderings from differing angles. Present drawings for critique and approval.

Week 2: Start painting the chosen composition onto canvas. Underpainting lecture.

Week 3: Continue painting. People paint at different paces, do not be discouraged if you are just underpainting in week 3.

Week 4: Continue and finish painting 1, start paining number 2.

Week 3 – 15: (3) Three paintings finished, after the compositions are approved.

Week 15: A panel of judges will critique your work. Evaluating the steps you have taken to get where you are in your painting, and giving you input on your development. This panel is comprised of professional artists, art educators, and art students.

Micro Lectures – If there is a technique that you are interested in working with, or that you cannot seem to get your mind wrapped around, please let me know. I will do my very best to explain and demonstrate the technique for you ( or find someone who can ).

Lectures will be live and recorded, Ustream seems like the best resource for this. I will be posting and emailing you the links.

*Required materials: ** Supplies.

  • A drawing/sketching pad: Plain paper works, but a with a pad you can keep and archive easier. 10 x 8 or larger. Pencil works best to sketch, but if you are comfortable with a pen or marker – feel free to use them.

  • Paint: A set of oil paint, these are available at: http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-oil-colors/ http://www.walmart.com/ip/Daler-Rowney-Georgian-Oil-Color-Paint-Set-10pk/17617568 I would like you to get the 200 ml tubes if you are going to work on the larger canvases, but the small tubes I have linked here will work for smaller paintings ( 8 x 10 or such )

  • Brushes: A good brush for oil paint is stiff and similar to house painting brushes. I actually use house painting brushes, like you would find at Home Depot, but I work in a large format -- usually 6ft and larger. http://www.dickblick.com/acrylic/brushes/studentgrade/details/

  • A glass jar ( I use a coffee can: it is large and the solvents will not eat through it – a spaghetti sauce jar works very well too ), larger enough to hold your brushes, and a green scrubbie pad to put at the bottom. Mineral spririts or turpentine to clean the paint from your brushes ( soap and water will completely remove the paint once they are initially cleaned in the mineral spirit/turpentine solvent.) For those of you with sensitive noses, they also come odorless.

  • Canvases: http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-canvas-panels/ http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-studio-gallery-1-38-profile-cotton-canvas/ You can find canvases at your local craft store or big-box-discount store -- I have found them at BigLots!! for an exceptional price. If there is enough interest I can teach everyone to make their own canvas stretchers, it is far cheaper for each one, but the initial price of materials ( canvas rolls, etcetera ) may be too much for the hobbyist.

** You will need something to prop your painting up on while working, an easel is best for this, but do what you have to. I found easels at the university surplus, they are cheap and work great. If you plan on continuing with painting, you may want to invest in a good one, at least studio quality.

***You will want some place quiet to work, as in what ever makes you artistic. I listen to music, and ignore the outside world – if you feel best and artistic in the middle of traffic, go for it.

Grades: (Even though this is for fun, as in no real credit, I will be grading based on the critiques you receive and how you defend your work. )

100 – 90 = A 89– 80 = B 79 – 70 = C 69 – 60 = D 59 - = F

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BFA painting and sculpture.

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"Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, I am Jeff Martin, I have a painting and sculpture degree, and have assisted teaching classes in oil painting, watercolour, welding sculpture, foundry, and stone carving. ( I have other life skills but these are the important ones for here.) I would like to get started with this class by having everyone send me the images and sketches of their still lifes at JeffMartin@nau.edu. ( If you would like, you can send the images via imgur or other image hosting location) We can decide which one will work best and get directly into the painting portion of the class. If you have not been to the class files webpage, you should go there and familiarise yourself with what the class entails and be sure to get your supplies. I am able to answer questions and other inquiries via email, and I should be able to get to them within 24hrs. I look forward to working with you, this class is open ended right now. So, please submit your works so we can get the ball rolling. Thank you.


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