Starting your Own Business

Starting your Own Business Syllabus: Course Description: This business course is offered to students who want to learn how to set up and structure their business. Upon completing the full course, students will have obtained these abilities: 1) How to create solid business plans and ideas to measure feasibility of a business, 2) How to register your business with a state, 3) How to set up business checking accounts, 4) How to avoid potential pitfalls for startup businesses.

Semester Assignment: All teams will give 1 10 minute presentation of their select business plan. Every team member must speak at least once. In addition to the presentation, each person is to complete their own full business plan and mail it to the professor. Each business plan will be graded by the each team’s members. Students are encouraged to give only constructive criticism to team members business plans.

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Please bring a lot of creativity to the table! Let's remember to be kind and gentle when reviewing other people's business plans. If you have a mic, that is fantastic! If not, well.. we'll figure it out.


All Classes are Posted now in recorded format on class url page. I enjoyed teaching this class a lot, and I hope you will enjoy listening to the lectures.

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We Used Ventrilo and Google Docs for all lectures.

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I am part owner of 2 multi-million dollar LLC businesses. I have created and sold both successful and very unsuccessful businesses. I also sit on the Marketing board of a not for profit company.

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