Puppy Training 101

For everyone that has just brought a new puppy home, or maybe an older dog home from the shelter, there are basic manners every canine should know.

This course will allow you to live in a stress-free environment when it comes to making your new roommate feel at home, bond, and acquire a new skill that you will be able to use with any of your dogs later in life.

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  1. Before you bring home your new friend
  2. Get to know your biggest concerns, potty training, crate training tips.
  3. Treats--bribery or training? Getting your puppy's attention, teaching the sit, learning to walk.
  4. Down & Stay
  5. Come, Down Stay
  6. Leave it!
  7. Take it, drop it.
  8. Combining commands
Additional information

Videos are online as well to supplement the lectures. It is helpful to be able to see the correct way to perform the commands and when to reward.

**I can't figure out how to put my qualifications down below, so here you go: Been grooming & training dogs for obedience with my mom since I was old enough to walk, then worked independently and for a pet store for fun. I'm pursuing a Ph.D. in (human) Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which is unrelated to behavior in animals but I do have the basics from the Bachelor's. **

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