Hands on Python

Introductory course into programming, specifically to Python. Course aimed at students who are willing to learn programming and have limited or no experience with it. Course will cover fundamentals and provide numerous hands on opportunities! Class subreddit

  1. Hello Python!

    I do not think that prompting a wall of code would be appropriate. Instead lets make a program. Yes you might not have python installed yet, but there are websites which can compile it for you! There are 2 very good ones: Visualize Python Python Shell

    I think 1st one is a bit better as it allows to have more than one line of code at a time what is closer to what you would get in python programs. It also allows to run code step by step.

    Well lets begin. It would be rude to start without saying hi to python:

    print('Hello Python!') 

    console output is Hello Python

    This is a very simple program which will literally print: Hello Python. stuff # allows to make comments which are not read by interpreter when code is run (it seems that visualize python does not like comments so for now lets not add them). In other words this is a great place for you to leave notes about what your program does.

    Now lets add another step to make an extremely friendly program which greets everyone:

    name=raw_input('Hello, my name is Python what is yours? ') 

    stores a string in variable name

    raw_input('prompt') allows to store user input in a variable. In our case the variable is name.

    print('Hello '+name) 

    prints Hello and name of the usr!

    • allows to add strings together! (You cant subtract them though :/)

    Now you have an awesome program which can greet anyone instead of you !) Don't be shy to show off your awesome skills to others.

    I am planning to add more lessons in the near future and they should be much more interesting that this one and have more fun things to do! If you have any questions contact me!

    • How to set up Python. Please do not skip this one as it could be helpful

      Quick explanation on how to set up python. It also should answer some questions for example why python 2.7? PS probably the most boring part of this course. Bare with me ;)

    • Let's code!

      Let's write some code and make awesome programs! We will learn about strings, integers, if statements and while loop!

    • Logic and Lists

      Lets continue exploring the power of if statements as well as talk about boolean variables and lists. Make sure that you took a break after lecture 3 as it was quite content heavy and this one is kinda too!

    • Finishing off basic toolset

      lecture covers functions, loops, tuple, random, datetime and time libraries.

    • PART 2: Advanced topics in python. A quick glance.

      The second part of the part 2 is coming! It is much smaller than part 1 and will have one big project at the end! Glad to see that you made it through other lectures!

    • Useful links

      Useful resources




    Hands on Python: Syllabus This is an entry course focused on teaching fundamentals of Python language/script. It is great for those who have limited experience with python and/or with programming languages. The course is aimed at providing numerous hands on opportunities as well as encouraging students to continue. The final goal is to encourage the student to continue learning about programming languages and more importantly provide them with basic tools for creating simple but rewarding programs.

    Topics to be covered: Intro and how to set up python (dont skip this you might find some info helpful) Variables such as integer, string, boolean. Introduction to lists, dictionaries and tuples. Intro to loops, logic and if statements. Working with user input and displaying information in console. FUNctions (Now its getting real). Additional topics [A)These are simple B)WIll help a lot with readability of the code]: Organizing code and keeping it simple. Making code readable through documentation. END OF PART 1. WIll be added later (once I feel I can explain it well to you guys): File editing. Classes (welcome to object oriented world!) Generators and lambda. Final:Where next? Useful resources.( provided) Some other things might be added

    Course materials will be hosted primarily on: Google docs/drive (I do not think you need to have an account) Google hangouts (account needed if you are to participate, prob chat only though) Prezi (no account) Github (account needed if you are to submit code) and of course UofReddit some other fancy stuff if required ie collabedit or visualize python I want to experiment with resources available and see which work best

    This course will have a final review live session probably going to be a Sunday and probably I will be able only to chat but I will try my best to help you guys out!

    Also I will be available through PM Nunuvin on reddit and subreddit: Hands on programming as well as email: slow2answer@gmail.com PLEASE if you are contacting me about your code please host it on github is preffered/bitbucket/gitlab or put it in the body of the email (please host it on one of those websites formatting is gonna be so much easier). I do not feel like opening attachments. Also make sure to search online on resources such as Stack Overflow or Google. It is quicker as well as if you cant find an answer you can tell me where you looked so I do not waste time looking there.

    Additional information

    I hope you will find it beneficial

    Teacher qualifications

    student, some past programming background in pascal, qbasic, vb, C++ and python.

    Latest Update
    Hands on Python Full content is ready (2016-06-06 02:03:38)

    "Thank you guys for your patience and commitment. I have finally finished the second part of the course so you can finally learn about advanced functions of the python. I hope you will find it helpful. PS don't forget to do a final project because its awesome. feel free to message me with questions/feedback about the course and its content."

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