Vahn 101

Next weekend, I will be aiming to begin a course centered around teaching Vahn to beginners. For those who may not have heard of Vahn, it is a constructed language with some unique features, including it's oligosynthetic nature, and syllable synthesis structure.

Class Will be starting on the weekend after I have enough signups to feel it justified. Hopefully the weekend starting on the 14th of June. I'll be sending the details of the teamspeak server as well as specific times through skype, so add me to express your interest (details bellow). All lectures will be recorded and posted on youtube so you can view them in post or to catch up.

  1. Lesson 1 - Basic Vocab and Pronouns

    Vocab List:

    kah Time
    rar Human
    tor Path
    poo Day
    suh Thing, Good
    deu Male, True
    fee Female, False
    gih Life
    hai Child
    jeh Land
    jarehr Group, Tribe
    laiy Hand
    zoiy Water
    saruhr Room, Container
    vah Text, Grid
    bar Eye
    nor Tree
    moo Stone
    paroor Name

    puh Sun
    var Thought
    deehlaiy Republic
    sartor Door
    toruhr Corridor
    toiy Bridge
    zor River
    zoo Ice
    moiy Lava
    joiy Island
    zeh Lake
    kuh Clock
    ghih Death
    vahn Speaking
    nork Branch
    zoiyn Wet
    zoiym Ocean
    torw To Go
    varw To Think
    chiw To Be

    chi Of
    ya Therefore

    jarngi Hello (start a conversation)
    jart Goodbye (end a conversation)

    rarn I, Me
    rorn You
    reun He, Him
    reen She, Her
    rihn They, Them (singular)
    rarwan We, Us
    rorwan You, Y'all (plural)
    reuwan They, Them (plural all male)
    reewan They, Them (plural all female)
    rihwan They, Them (plural)

  • Teamspeak
  • Speakers / Headphones / An Audio Output Device
  • Mic is suggested for asking questions but not required as text chat will be available.

Classes will be held on Teamspeak using conceptboard as an online whiteboard.

Lesson 1

  • Reading Vahn words
  • Introduction to Oligosynthesis
  • Basic Vocab & Pronouns

Lesson 2

  • Sentence Structure
  • Multiple Agreeing Clauses and Juxtaposition
  • -l Verb Conjugation

Lesson 3

  • -ya Verb Conjugation
  • -lya Verb Conjugation
  • verb nouns

Lesson 4

  • Using ~ correctly when writing
  • Reading Cursive and the Phonetic Script
Additional information

If you want to talk to me, Bur_Sangjun before hand, add me on skype (sam.blumire) and put "Vahn Course" in your adding message.

Teacher qualifications
  • Fluent in Vahn
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