Multivariable Calculus Preparatory Course

This course is meant as a review of mathematics that will be helpful to those about to take a course in Multivariable Calculus. It will begin June 5, 2014. For further details, see syllabus.

  1. Functions and Basic Review Resources

    This document reviews some important facets of functions that will come up often in multivariable calculus (it's a relatively small topic, so this is a relatively short set of notes).

    The other (possibly more important) function of this document is to list resources for reviewing topics in precalculus and algebra (refer to the 'Further Reading' section). This bit of individual review is necessary because of the diversity of starting points for each of us. Our needs with respect to this prerequisite material will be highly individual.

    If you have your precalculus down pat, super! If you're a bit rusty, please spend some time going through any relevant material. After this document, a basic, working knowledge of precalculus topics will be assumed, though I'll try to be explicit about any uncommon bits that come up.

  2. Limits and Continuity

    This set of notes provides a brief review of limits and continuity and provides links to some other online resources for more review and practice problems.

  3. Parametric Equations & Coordinate Systems

    An overview of parametric equations, common parametrizations, coordinate systems and the equations used to convert from one system to another.

  4. Differential Calculus

    This document reviews the most important concepts and formulas from differential calculus.

  5. Integral Calculus

    These notes present an overview of the integral concept and techniques of integration.

  6. Introduction to Vectors

    An introduction to working with vectors -- most Multi courses will begin with this material.


Standard mathematics progression up to Calculus II.


The course will commence on June 5, 2014.


Discussion forums will be hosted through Google Groups. This will be a great medium to discuss the problem sets and anything else you want to talk about. I'm hoping that questions will more often than not be answered by other course participants, but I will be around to answer any lingering questions and to contribute my perspective.

Additional information

The Google Groups page will have the lectures and any discussion/questions that come up. Just request to join at that link or send me your email address and I'll add you.

The lectures can also be found on Google Drive.

Acknowledgements: Everything I know about Multivariable Calculus, I learned from Professor N.T., whose high expectations and kindness made the class challenging and enjoyable.

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Current undergraduate studying Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

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