Learn toki pona in a fortnight

Ever wanted to learn a language with only around 120 words? Well now you can! This course teaches the language 'toki pona' in a friendly environment. I'll answer questions you may have and set a bit of 'homework' so you can practise what you learn easily.

  1. Toki pona teaser videos

    Until class starts, here's some videos in toki pona for you all!

  2. Days

    Remember to go to /r/tokipona14days for the practise and homework!


None! Just a desire to learn and around 5-20 minutes a day depending on how much vocabulary is introduced in each day.


Class has ended! The videos are on youtube and have been posted as lectures here. Please also go to the subreddit /r/tokipona14days as that's where extra info, practise and 'homework' will be uploaded. People who have been in my course, I will still mark homework from you all when I am able.

Additional information

I am basing this course off of Pije's lessons - but wait! This is NOT merely dictation. This is a bite-sized learning experience with plenty to do.

Teacher qualifications

I know toki pona. mi sona e toki pona. :)

Latest Update
Conclusion (2014-04-04 22:30:24)

"Thank you to all my students who've worked hard at learning this language! To all of you who have finished everything here... o toki tawa jan pi toki pona! Talk to the toki ponans! Test out your skills and have fun. There are plenty of places you can go to meet them (links in lesson 14) so make some friends and have fun with the language! mi tawa! Bye!"