Music Theory And Creative Songwriting

This is a class to introduce beginners or novices to piano or guitar, the fundamental etiquette of playing an instrument, the basic music theory behind the instruments, and revealing the application of theory into songwriting through song analysis and actual songwriting projects.

Music 200: The Art of Singing

The Art of Singing is a course designed for anyone interested in learning how to sing. During this twelve week session, we will discuss fundamental vocal technique, song interpretation, and an introduction to music theory. At the end of the twelve week session, students will participate in a vocal recital as a final project for the course.

Beginner Music Theory and Aural Skills (Music Theory 1301)

This course will give you the information needed to be competent as a musician and listener. We will go over the basic concepts of Music Theory as well as introduce Aural Skills or Ear Training to train you ear to pick up on certain aspects of music.

Music Theory (class)

Each week, I will post a lecture on the topic, and a work sheet reviewing this weeks key concepts. Often times I will also proved a practice sheet, to allow you to work on the concepts at home. Sadly I just don’t have the time to “grade assignments” but I will answer questions if you send them to me. Don't be upset if it takes me a couple days to get back to you, it doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means I'm probably buried under a digital stack of emails, or I'm behind on a work deadline. Sadly I only have a limited amount of time at my disposal and creating video lectures take a lot of time as I have discovered, so I apologies if the film footage is a bit relaxed. I will try hard to make the videos informative and enjoyable.

Hoffman Academy Piano

Beginning Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

Music Education

Music education is a field of study associated with the teaching and learning of music. It touches on all learning domains, including the psychomotor domain (the development of skills), the cognitive domain (the acquisition of knowledge), and, in particular and significant ways, the affective domain (the learner's willingness to receive, internalize, and share what is learned), including music appreciation and sensitivity.