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StarCraft II Strategy

This class will focus on StarCraft II strategy. Potential topics to discuss will include: Basic RTS and StarCraft strategy. 1v1 specific builds and strategy. 2v2 specific builds and strategy. 3v3 specific builds and strategy. 4v4 specific builds and strategy. Map specific strategies. Adaption to different strategies in your build.

As the class goes on and through feedback from students we will discuss various other things also. One thing I would like to have happen is for each student to have a practice partner of near skill level.

Cooking for the Single Life

You can follow along with the class and participate here: This is a basic cooking class focusing on cooking for yourself or you and a roomate, significant other, etc. This course will go over how to cook some tasty dishes on a budget, cooking in bulk, basic food safety, knowledge, and storage.

StarCraft II Strategy (1v1 only) - /r/starcraft_strategy

Coaching and Improvement Sessions that will be held near-weekly (based on SC2 tournament schedule).

If you are bronze-diamond, come on in to get free coaching from Masters level players.

If you are Masters, come by to help out some fellow players.

Most coaches have a lot of experience helping other players. Most players obtain promotions within a week or two.

The sessions, as of now, are streamed through: - Platinum / Diamond coaching session - Bronze-Gold coaching session

Official Starcraft II Strategy

Hello everyone and welcome to the official starcraft II strategy class! Here at official starcraft II strategy, we will be holding classes and coaching sessions of all levels all throughout the week to make sure there is something for everyone to learn; even the higher league folks.

Introduction: If you have never played Starcraft before, we would like to introduce to you the world of Starcraft! The game can be very intimidating and overwhelming at first, but anyone who has played the game consistently can tell you that you will get better with time and winning ladder games can be extremely satisfying.

Basics (Bronze and Silver): Everyone starts somewhere and personally when I first started I was placed in silver. With tips from forums and my own individual practice, I was able to reach Masters league fairly quickly. The most important part we can focus here are mechanics and macro. Once we have that down, the fun strategy portion begins! (You can't start playing Jimi Hendricks without learning a couple of basic chords!)

Fundamental Strategy (Gold-Platinum): After mechanics are strengthened, players will need to able to react and read their opponents. This portion will show the basics of how to scout effectively, how to react once you have figured out what your opponent is doing, and executing your game plan.

Fundamental Strategies II (Diamond League) Anyone who is in Diamond league can tell the leap to Masters league is a tough one. You may have the mechanics, you may have the correct strategies in your head, but you might not know how to pinpoint exactly what you are doing wrong or how your opponent is taking advantage of the situation. This is the area to tighten up your basics and fundamental strategies.

Advanced Strategy: (Masters and Grandmaster's) Your mechanics are good, your strategies are good, but like everything else in life, there is always something new to learn. In advanced strategies, we will break down professional play, learn to set up your strategies, and focus on specific ways on how you can improve your play (eg: Focus on better creep spread, harassing as protoss, etc.)

This is a large project and I am willing to organize all of this but I cannot do this on my own. I need a community to help me develop this into something special. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get started on scheduling, staffing, and getting this whole thing rolling!

Introduction to Cryptic Crosswords

Cryptic crosswords are an extension of standard ('quick') crosswords in which each clue consists of both a definition of the answer word and an indication of how to stitch other words together to get to it, kind of like lexical papercraft. See the Wikipedia page for a good example and analysis of a typical cryptic clue. If you enjoy wordplay, quick crosswords or word puzzles in general, chances are you'll love cryptic crosswords!

This course is for anyone who is baffled and bemused by cryptic crosswords but wishes not to be. Classes will focus on the different types of cryptic clue and solution techniques, with additional information for those interested in solving advanced crosswords or setting their own.

By the end of the course, you should have a firm grasp of the fundamental ideas behind cryptic crosswords, and be able to solve most of them with nothing more than some brainpower and a little tenacity.

Introduction to Magic: The Gathering

Introduction to Magic: the Gathering is a six week course intending to create a framework for new players to learn and enter the world of Magic: the Gathering. At the end of the six weeks, students will understand how to interpret cards, where and how to play, basic interactions, phases of a game, and proper etiquette for Magic: The Gathering.

Introductory Dwarf Fortress

This course will cover the basics of Dwarf Fortress, a free to play simulation/game. Widely recognized as very hard, this course aims to help make sense of the game.

Ethical Discussions

We will be having discussions surrounding an ethical question.

[S4] Intermediate League of Legends Course

"Do you know the basics of League of Legends and want to delve deeper into LoL tactics, compositions, more advanced laning strategies, psychology of playing -and the players, leading a team, not running around killing what you encounter on the field but actually doing hardcore warfare?

Thats what I can give you. Bacon and warcry are optional, but highly recommended."

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Become a Better League of Legends Player

Learn how to play better in league of legends through analysis of replays, tips and tricks, lane matchups, etc.

Magic the Gathering: Decks and Stuff

A course where you will learn to build decks in Magic The Gathering. Whether a beginner or an advanced player, I will teach you the pros and cons about each decks.