Computer Science
Introduction to C++: A video guided tutorial

A simple video introduction to C++, this will span from setting up the compiler to early objects, vectors, arrays, data verification and other sorts of material.

I will go out of my way to help clarify any and all issues that my students may encounter, I want to help everyone learn to the best of my ability.

Introduction to Java: A video guided tutorial

A simple video introduction to java, this will span from setting up the compiler to early objects, arrays, simple data verification and other sorts of material.

I will go out of my way to help clarify any and all issues that my students may encounter, I want to help everyone learn to the best of my ability.

Microsoft Excel - Video Lessons & Training

This course will be a complete lesson / teaching tool related to Microsoft Excel. It will have sections and information applicable to all experience levels. It will be updated regularly with additional lessons, tips, and demonstrations of how you can get the most out of Excel.

This course will be taught using Microsoft Excel 2010, but most of the functionality can be found in Excel 2007/2003 (although it may be in a different location). I will not be focusing on the Mac version of the product as I do not have it.

Intro to MySQL

This is a mini-course on MySQL that will only last a couple weeks. There will be a sandbox MySQL database to play with on the UReddit server here - username is "sandbox" and password is "password".

Update: this class is now over. Additional topics may be added at a later date by request.

Intro to Web Development with HTML/CSS

This class is an introduction to web development with HTML and CSS. No background is presupposed. I will send PMs via UReddit with updates and links to the material will be posted to this subreddit.

Please note that this is not a technical rundown of HTML tags and CSS rules, nor is it a series of code examples followed by explanations as neither of those expositions is conducive to learning. The purpose of the material written for this class is to communicate the motivations, principles, and mechanics underlying the design and use of HTML and CSS in developing a website. It is aimed at absolute beginners with the goal of teaching general skills that can be applied to novel tasks rather than explaining "how to do X" for any particular X.

Analyzing deep system stealth malware

This is a meta-class utilizing existing classes that will lead you step by step toward a deep technical understanding of how stealth malware works, with a particular focus on kernel level malware. A series of free video recordings of paid multi-day training classes will cover: how intel assembly works, OS internals that can be manipulated by malware, how the Windows PE binary format works, and finally the techniques used by stealth malware to hide and persist on an infected machine. But the class will teach you how you can still detect them if you have the right knowledge and the right tools. To complete all the material in this class will take approximately 50 hours, not including time spent on labs.

Computer & Home Network Security

I would like to help people secure their home networks as well as share my knowledge and experiences that I've had with computer security and securing networks.

Topics we will cover:

DHCP, DNS, ARP -> How they work and how they are spoofed How to setup your home network to be secure, and how to get the most out of having a LAN

What hackers look for in a network? How to keep yourself secure and not become a statistic in identity theft

Current Events in computer security and how they apply to the normal user

Programming in PHP

Over 20 million websites are using PHP as their method of displaying content to you, the user.

PHP is an open source language constantly being modified by thousands of people. The syntax of PHP is very equivalent to many other programming languages, such as C.

Learning the syntax of one language can ultimately teach you the syntax of many other common-ground languages.

In this course I would be developing an easy to follow syllabus starting off with the bare essentials, gradually working our way up to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP and eventually developing our first application that users can interact with.

Google Group:!forum/php001

YouTube Playlist:

Intermediate Java -- A video guided tutorial series to getting you a job programming

New videos will be released every Weekend

This course is a continuation of the ever-popular "Beginners java" courses that were up quite some time ago. These will continue off of that same mindset. These will handle all the information that you will need to land yourself in a job interview and (hopefully) get you through it.

Basic Python Programming

This course will hopefully give you a good sense of what python is like from the very beginning. By the end of the lessons you will have a good sense of what is going on in the course. Start from learning what is python and the many useful applications that it can be applied though including gaming!

Introduction to Haskell

Haskell is a programming language that changes the way you think. Introduction to Haskell is being taught at the University of Virginia as a 1-credit pass/fail course offered this Spring 2013.

Lectures will be posted every Tuesday.

Microsoft Excel Beginner/Intermediary Course

In this course you shall learn Microsoft Excel using 2013 version. However most of the functionality is valid in 2010/2007 as well.

Game Development with Unity 3D and C#

Have you ever wanted to make games, but weren't sure where to start? This is the course for you! Learn how to make games, going from Pong to a simple roguelike in the free and awesome game engine Unity, with the C# scripting language (Javascript and Boo users can still follow along, but it might be more confusing).

This course will mostly focus on the broader aspects of game development in general, which can be used with any toolset as long as you make games, but by the end of the course you will be very competent with Unity and C#.

Introduction To Office 365

A basic look at the inner working of the new Office 360 environment from Microsoft. This is a simple introduction to the features and workings of Office 365. A full "nuts and bolts" course will be planed soon

Java Programming with Eclipse

An introductory course to programming. We use the Java programming language and the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.

Graphics and Data Visualization

Data has the potential to change the very course of human history, so why do we waste such a valuable resource on unreadable charts and misleading graphics? This course is a 1-credit class being taught at the University of Virginia in the Fall 2013 semester.

Lectures will be posted on Tuesday nights.

Logic 101

These lectures cover introductory sentential logic, a method used to draw inferences based off of an argument's premises. Logic is ubiquitous--individuals thinking of pursuing a career in law, computer science, mathematics, or social science must have a firm understanding of basic logic to succeed. Even someone who occasionally programs in Microsoft Excel would benefit greatly.

Jquery Promise Objects

Jquery Promise Object Use.

Developing Cross Platform Application using Qt, PyQt and PySide

Python is such a great programming language! Being discovered this after years of using C++, I found that it simplicity and power somewhat too intriguing to ignore. In this course I would like to explore more on Qt application development using either Qt/PyQt/PySide.

How to get more followers on Twitter

Through this course you will learn how to make your Twitter presentation effective, which are the best websites to gain twitter followers, how to create useful contacts with influential Twitter users, which are the most popular Twitter marketing tools and many more.

Learn Android by building a Twitter app

I am building an Android tutorial with app-first approach. Usually, people learn concepts first & then implement it an app. But most of the devs (including me), usually like to learn a new technology by start developing an app in it. I am trying to do the same at Codelearn & currently focussing on the Android tutorial.

The plan is to create a full-fledged production ready Twitter app from scratch. It is just 30% complete for now. So I have decided to keep posting the links of the lessons as & when they become available.

Since it is a hands-on tutorial, I have also built an Eclipse plugin, that would test your app at the end of every lesson to ensure you are building it right. You can either choose to just read the tutorial but I would recommend installing the plugin, trying the tutorial & get it tested from our server. I have written bunch of Robolectric tests that would test user's app at every lesson.

The tutorial is work in progress & some lectures are already live on the website. I have put some of the lessons & I will add one lesson every week

Become a webdesigner in 60 minutes

A series of short video lessons and exercises, designed to teach you how to build your own beautiful (and free) website - without coding. Perfect for StartUps or bright heads that needs an online presence.

C++ Logic making programms

I am a blog writer and want to help those students who face difficulties to make logic of programs in the start of their C++ programming

Hands on Python

Introductory course into programming, specifically to Python. Course aimed at students who are willing to learn programming and have limited or no experience with it. Course will cover fundamentals and provide numerous hands on opportunities! Class subreddit

web engineering


Solidity programming for beginners

I really want to suggest this course to all my student fellows who are into blockchain programming. This course teaches the basics of how to create smart contracts using solidity. If you are completely new in this field, this course will give you a very good introduction. Also, it is interactive, so you will be able to test your skills while you take the course.

System Design

Learn about system design with problem examples asked at companies.