Class statistics have been implemented!

UReddit has begun to collect class satistics. Class impressions, [+] clicks, and class page views are being collected. Unfortunately, since this feature was just impemented, no data is available for any views prior to 7 March 2012.

Statistics for a class are available only to the teacher(s) of that class; links can be found alongside links for editing a class, which is anywhere the class title is displayed – and, of course, the teacher admin panel.

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Guest feature: How one person started as a UReddit teacher and came to guest lecture at the University of Maryland, and the experience in between

Elliot S. Volkman (@TheJournalizer), who taught Online Communities 101, has written a short piece on his experience teaching a UReddit class and what came of it. Here’s what he wrote:

“Education is a wonderful thing, but once you reach a certain point in life it does not become mandatory. Some people take this to mean that they are free from being involved with educational institutions, whereas others feel the constant need to want to continue to grow and learn.

Reddit, not particularly well known for increasing productivity, can in fact be a venue of such growth and insight if you look in the right places. One such place in particular is known as The University of Reddit, a completely volunteer developed and run site for those wanting to share their insight with people who choose to continue learning.

This past month (and some of January too) I had the privilege of developing a course about online communities based on my two years of research during my communications masters program, and the results were quite surprising. I came into the planning process trying to decide if I want to pursue teaching, and left the course with a completely different perspective.

Personally I have always been interested in sharing knowledge, but the University of Reddit allows anyone to do, to anyone in the world, and at their leisure. Not to mention it’s free, besides the time you provide or take from it. As a result of my course I was able to connect with some fantastic guest speakers (reddit’s General Manager, and two very awesome people from Govloop) who also wanted to share their insight with the world. The classes were small and the technology I chose to use was a new challenge, but as a result I have another skill set and can say I was able to teach people what I love.

In addition to meeting great like minded individuals and students I was even asked to provide a guest lecture for a class at the University of Maryland, which is even more interesting because a dean there is incredibly well known and influential towards online community research. As a result of taking a chance, and sharing my time with others it opened a few more doors to me.

With that said I would highly suggest that if you have any interest in teaching the world anything, and I mean anything (it can be how to carve a pumpkin, gender studies, metaphysics or biology) take a moment to consider teaching through the U of R.”

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Friday Update (2 March 2012)

New classes this week:

  1. Psykhattak created the class From Page to Stage to be conducted via a subreddit: “We’ll choose one to two plays as a class and then analyze it through the eyes of the production team and the actors.”.
  2. vagueabond created the class Introduction to Handywrite Shorthand, which will also be conducted via a subreddit: “Handywrite is a phonetic shorthand alternative writing system. The aim of this course is to introduce Redditors to shorthand as a tool for writing notes, improving efficiency or just plain doing something fun.”
  3.  xdeathr3v3rx created Basic Hockey, which is set to start on 5 March 2012 and whose material will be distributed via a blog.

Other updates:

  1. Learn to Play Bridge has started and is waiting on a couple people to catch up in order to start playing. The instructor has competed on the worldwide level – how often will you get this chance? Check it out!
  2. Introduction to Autodesk inventor had its first lecture.
  3. Insect Identification had its first lecture over Ventrilo. Unfortunately, the UReddit Ventrilo server was misconfigured and the discussion had to be held on an alternate server; the UReddit server has been fixed and is now operational.
  4. Painting a still life in oil is off to start. Get some paints and join! Haven’t we all wanted to learn to paint at some point? Join before it becomes difficult to catch up.
  5. The next problem and solution sets for Intro to Group Theory have been posted. The lectures are all on YouTube, so it’s not too late to join, and the instructor is very accessible.

For real-time updates, follow @uofreddit; for discussion and interest checks for new classes, subscribe to /r/UniversityofReddit.

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Friday Update (24 Feb 2012)

The past week brought quite a bit to UReddit.

First, the newest redesign of the website is now live. Hopefully you will agree that it looks better. It also brings a basic activity feed on user pages and the ability to up-/downvote classes. Adding a classes automatically upvotes it for you, and dropping it downvotes it unless its class status is “finished”. An important note is that the front page now only displays active classes; completed classes will be listed in the new UReddit Archive.

New classes:

  1. mbern28, who is “a third year Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering double major at the University of California at Davis” started Introduction to Autodesk Inventor to introduct students to the Autodesk Inventory package, which he has used “to model a plane for [his] school aerospace SAE team”. The class will begin 26 February.
  2. anastas started Introduction to Web Development with HTML/CSS and has already put up three PDFs.
  3. delibaltas, who has competed competitively in European and world bridge tournaments, has started Learn to Play Bridge. Check the class page for links to his competitive record and to the class subreddit he is using.
  4. JMartin started Painting a Still Life in Oil. He has used UReddit’s filehosting service to put up a simple website for his class. The class page notes (that complete the class): “A panel of judges will critique your work. Evaluating the steps you have taken to get where you are in your painting, and giving you input on your development. This panel is comprised of professional artists, art educators, and art students.”

Other updates:

  1. thejournalizer completed his Online Communities 101 class, which is now listed in the UReddit Archive.
  2. fryinpanman continues to update his cooking class. Make sure to subscribe to his subreddit to get updates!
  3. Sebatinksy is one video away from completing his Intro to Swordplay: 17th Century Italian Fencing class.
  4. SchurThing continues to post problem sets and solutions for this Intro to Group Theory class. All of the video lectures for the class are already up on his YouTube channel; if you have an interest in higher mathematics, it isn’t too late to join!

For updates as they happen, follow @uofreddit on Twitter; for discussion, subscribe to /r/UniversityofReddit (there are a few potential classes being discussed there now as an interest check!)


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UReddit filehosting for teachers

If you are teaching a UReddit class, you can request a filehosting account. You can request this by PMing Reddit user anastas, PMing UReddit using anastas, emailing anastas [at], or tweeting @uofreddit.

You will be given an SFTP account to use for uploading and managing your class files. You can access your account using any SFTP client, examples of which are WinSCP (for Windows) and Cyberduck (for Mac OS X).

Any class that has class files uploaded through this system will automatically display a “[class files]” link alongisde the “[class page]” link in its catalog listings and class page; this link will take you to the publicly-available list of files which are managed using your SFTP account. You can use it simply to serve files to link to other people, or you can upload HTML files to make a simple website. All that is asked is that you are reasonable with disk space usage and that you do not use it for personal or illegal uses.

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Details on email

Every UReddit user is automatically given an email address, which is [your username] There are several ways in which you can use your email account:

  1. Email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook,, &c using the IMAP-SSL / SMTP-SSL settings in the bulleted list below;
  2. Gmail’s POP checker, using the POP3 / SMTP-SSL settings listed below; or
  3. Set up a forwarding address on your user settings page.

Login details:

  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: your regular UReddit password
  • Server:
  • POP3 incoming port: 995
  • IMAP-SSL incoming port: 993
  • SMTP-SSL outgoing port: 465
  • SMTP authentication: same username and password as above


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The UReddit v3 frontend is now live!

The v3 backend rewrite was put into production a couple weeks ago and the corresponding frontend rewrite is finally done as well and has just been made live. The new design is better – hopefully you will agree – and also brings the first of many new features to come: voting on classes. Adding a class automatically upvotes it, dropping it before it is complete automatically downvotes it. You can vote manually anyplace a class listing is given. Hopefully this will be a useful system for user rating of classes.

In any case, this is the first of many new features to come now that there is an acceptable site codebase to work with. The next feature on the slate is teacher statistics to keep track of class vieweship and add/drop rates and other related numbers. Stay tuned!

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Welcome to the University of Reddit blog!

With the new UReddit rewrite from the ground-up, the blog has been reinstalled and previous posts deleted. Stay tuned for updates!!

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