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Visualization: The UReddit Community

As can be seen from the UReddit source code, everything in UReddit is internally represented as an “object” – users, classes, lectures, class categories, and so on. Associations between objects are interpreted based on context, e.g. a certain type of … Continue reading

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University of Reddit breaches real-world teaching at the University of South Florida

UReddit has, up until this point, existed solely online. Material would be distributed via video stream, YouTube, PDF, voice chat, or any of several other services. As of this week, we are proud to announce that UReddit has breached the … Continue reading

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New policies regarding [interest check]s, [update]s, and [request]s subreddit posts and new classes, effective immediately

Ever since the subreddit doubled in size on Monday as a result of Reddit’s blog post about UReddit, the number of [interest check] and [request] threads began to significantly drown out the rest of the posts. In other words, the … Continue reading

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UReddit is now accepting donations via PayPal

As the site continues to grow, more hard drive space is needed to provide email space for every user, more space is needed to guarantee that teachers that opt into our filehosting service will have room for their files, and, … Continue reading

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UReddit API

UReddit had an API in its version 2 days, but the complete backend rewrite broke it entirely. A new API has been created to work with version 3, the current version; its usage is described here. The API is read-only … Continue reading

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A new lectures system has been added for classes

Teachers now have the ability to manage individual lectures for their classes. Each lecture has a title and a description. Additionally, teachers can create and manage a list of links for each lecture. For example, the first lecture for a … Continue reading

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Classes can now have multiple teachers!

A feature that has been missing for a while has finally been added: the ability to have multiple teachers for a single class. So how does it work? If you are teaching a class, you will notice a new “teachers” link … Continue reading

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There’s a new, prettier traffic stats page for teachers!

We’ve just deployed a new stats page that plugs into Google Analytics for data and uses Google Charts to make pretty graphs rather than trying to do custom logging and graphing in-house. The end result is a faster, cleaner, more … Continue reading

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Friday Update (30 March 2012): Twelve new classes, several new website features, and more

There haven’t been any Friday Update blog posts recently, so a lot is new since the last one. First, new classes: ryugi created Creative Writing, which begins April 2: “A fresh look at creative writing, accompanied with powerpoint presentations and prompts.” Sine_Ira_Et_Studio created Roman … Continue reading

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Friday Update (9 March 2012)

Some of the main class updates this week: Sebatinsky completed his Intro to Swordplay: 17th Century Italian Fencing class, which has been moved to the UReddit Archive;  tool86 created German for advanced beginners (CEFR A1); Intro to Group Theory continues with Week 5; the … Continue reading

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