Featured class: Microsoft Excel – Lessons & Training

The class

Microsoft Excel – Lessons & Training by URedditor cobainbc15 is a series of video lectures on Microsoft Excel. Individual lectures are not lists on the class page and are instead listed on the teacher’s website. It takes the student from zero familiarity with the software to a nontrivial degree of proficiency. Each lesson consists of a video along with supplementary material such as downloadable Excel workbooks.

Microsoft Excel is, of course, very widely used, especially in business environments. Proficiency in this software is useful to have in general, and especially if it is relevant to one’s work. The lectures are well executed; if you have been meaning to learn Excel or are otherwise interested, we suggest you check out the class.

Student quotes

“These training modules are fantastic! I’ve been using Excel for years without really tapping into any of it’s more advanced features, and your training does a terrific job of providing quick, simple modules that are enormously helpful. Many thanks and great job!”
- Bob Thomas

“What a great course. I have been looking for something just like this.”
- JD

“I have an intermediate Excel test coming soon and I am hoping that by going over all of this, it will help me pass. I thought I knew Excel until I started going over this information. This has really helped me a lot.”
- chip

… and many more.

On potential improvements

The teacher set up his own website to use for this UReddit class. He has been consistently expanding the available lessons for over a year. He has put together a great series of videos that have helped very many people. However, the class is spread out over several different places: UReddit, where the individual lessons aren’t listed; his website, which serves as a homebase; and Vimeo, for lecture hosting. Furthermore, new lessons have not been announced to the UReddit community; updates must be posted manually by the teacher.

The UReddit team is working on putting together a platform that can combine everything a teacher needs to run a successful course in one place and that makes keeping up to date with additions to a class easy. We are trying to raise funds to be able to push our prototype into public beta; if you see how this class and how our community could benefit from a fully featured platform that offers everything available, we invite you to our Kickstarter page and ask for your support.

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