Featured class: Game Theory

The class

Game Theory 101 is a UReddit class offered by William Spanel , a PhD student in political science specializing in formal modeling who has been teaching game theory since 2009. The material for the course is divided into three units - the basics, extensive form games, and advanced strategic form games – each consisting of 10+ individual video lectures. The material is hosted both on YouTube and on Udemy, where there are quizzes available as well. With over 300 enrolled students

Game theory is a very interesting field that has applications in many areas such as economics and political science, in addition to being of theoretical interest. It is rife with interesting examples and scenarios subject to rigorous analysis; all in all, it is fascinating, and we suggest you watch at least a couple videos.

A couple student comments on the class:

“Thanks for the game theory class!… The videos offer great clarification.”

“Thanks for the course! Much appreciated and I would look forward to a 102 class on the voting subject, if you ever do such a class. Thanks again man, you rock!”

Towards better coordination

William listed his class on UReddit to make it easily accessible to the UReddit community. He has also posted it on Udemy, YouTube, and on its own website. These different locations offer different functionalities: YouTube is optimized for sharing videos, but lacks a good platform for discussion and no teaching tools; Udemy does allow some teaching tools such as giving quizzes, but does not have a strong community behind it; and UReddit has a large community of over 70k users but no automated system to upload and embed video.

A complete class such as this would benefit greatly from a platform that offers all the tools necessary to teach a class while also providing an efficient platform for discussion amongst a large userbase. The UReddit team has a prototype of exactly such a platform: video hosting, embedding, and linking; complete course management software, including grades, quizzes, and indexing of material; and a place for both discussion in general and discussion of individual portions of the class. We need some help to be able to fund the development necessary to push it into public beta, however; if you are interested in learning more, we invite you to take a look at our Kickstarter page.

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