Featured class: Introduction to C++

The class

One of the largest UReddit classes to date, Introduction to C++ by user Skyeshatter (sarevok9 on Reddit) consists of a series of 46 video lectures on the C++ programming language, aimed at the novice programmer. In the teacher’s own words,

 ”I’ve found myself educating a lot of my friends on a 1-to-1 basis and I really enjoy helping them learn the joys of programming. Now I’m putting together a YouTube series and trying to help people learn the basics of c++ program design.”

The video lectures are hosted on YouTube, having anywhere from a few hundred to nearly 7,000 views each, and the teacher has put up a website to better organize his material and make it easier to get in touch with him. He continues to answer questions from students despite the class being over a year old.

Student comments

“Your tutorials are great. Thanks for the help!”
- Kamil

“This is helping so much, I find I learn a lot better and have a thorough understanding of everything you go through, this entire course has really given me a foothold”
- Carwyn

“This video was the most helpful C++ tutorial I could find. Because of this, I am passing my current CS courses. Skyshatter does a better job at teaching his subject than my current professor.”
- Sayhi2urmawm

These three are only a few of many more.

To be online

It has been well over a year since this class was started, but thank-yous and new questions for the teacher continue to come in. Obviously, very many people have benefitted from the recordings that the teacher created and uploaded online.

However, UReddit is very minimal, and there are now three places where people post comments: on the UReddit class page, on the instructor’s website, and on the instructor’s YouTube channel. The inability to consolidate everything on the UReddit website forces this to be the case, and this is suboptimal.

The UReddit team is working to create a better platform that provides all the tools a teacher needs to run an online class and that allows efficient organization of an entire class in order to improve the educational process. If you are interested in learning more, you can read more about this project on its Kickstarter page.

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  3. Programmer says:

    Thank you for this course! I think if everyone will donate the amount he can – you can raise the university to a proper level.

    P.S. “The most important things in life aren’t things.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

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