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Featured class: Game Theory

The class Game Theory 101 is a UReddit class offered by William Spanel , a PhD student in political science specializing in formal modeling who has been teaching game theory since 2009. The material for the course is divided into three units - the … Continue reading

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Featured class: Psyc 101

The class Psyc 101 is an introductory psychology class taught by two Redditors: Series_of_Accidents, who has an M.A. in Psychology from Appalachian State University (verified here), and Comicspedia, who has a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional … Continue reading

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Featured class: Intro to Group Theory

The class Intro to Group Theory is a fourteen week-long UReddit class that is at the level of a semester long undergraduate course on group theory. Each week includes at least one main lecture video (hosted on YouTube), often along with … Continue reading

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Featured class: Introduction to C++

The class One of the largest UReddit classes to date, Introduction to C++ by user Skyeshatter (sarevok9 on Reddit) consists of a series of 46 video lectures on the C++ programming language, aimed at the novice programmer. In the teacher’s own words, … Continue reading


Featured class: Neural Basis of Cognition

The Class One of the earliest classes offered on UReddit was Neural Basis of Cognition. It consisted of a series of eight lectures covering an introduction, methods in neuroscience, hemispheric specialization, motor control, learning and memory, and attention; each 45-60 … Continue reading

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Featured class: Introduction to Haskell

The Class Nishant Shukla is a third year and computer science and mathematics student at the University of Virginia, where he is teaching a one-credit introductory class on the functional programming language Haskell with the supervision of Professor Jack W. Davidson. Nishant … Continue reading

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Featured class: Intro to Photography

One of the first classes offered via UReddit was Introduction to Photography: My name is Alexandre Buisse and I am slowly transitioning into full time photographer. My main emphasis is on adventure (specifically alpine climbing) and landscape images, but I … Continue reading

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