New policies regarding [interest check]s, [update]s, and [request]s subreddit posts and new classes, effective immediately

Ever since the subreddit doubled in size on Monday as a result of Reddit’s blog post about UReddit, the number of [interest check] and [request] threads began to significantly drown out the rest of the posts. In other words, the signal to noise ratio (considering the aforementioned posts to be “noise” and class announcements/updates as “signal”) has significantly deteriorated.

For that reason, several new policies are being implemented:

  1. No more [interest check] posts. The website has nearly 60,000 users; it is very unlikely that nobody will be interested in what you have to offer, as long as you take your commitment seriously. Therefore, if you are considering posting a class, please prepare your first lecture / PDF / video / &c, add it to the catalog, and announce it as a [class] post in the main subreddit. Please also take note of the policy change number 2 below.
  2. No empty classes. If you want to conduct a class, please prepare *at least* one lecture before adding it to the catalog. Any new classes not abiding by this principle will be removed from the catalog. This policy change also has the added benefit of forcing new teachers to experience how much effort goes into a single lecture and should decrease the number of abandoned classes.
  3. [Update] posts are strongly encouraged. Several teachers have been submitting [update] posts to notify UReddit’s general userbase of new content added to their class. There seem to be no downsides to this; it is not spam, /r/UniversityofReddit has a larger userbase and is more likely to appear on Redditor frontpages, and recently subscribed users that perhaps had not heard about the class in question hear about it. Since there seem to be benefits without detriments, we have decided to encourage this type of post.
  4. All class requests are to be submitted to /r/URedditRequests. There are so many [request] posts that [class] and [update] posts are being drowned out. /r/URedditRequests has been created as a single place to post class requests and it will be heavily promoted throughout UReddit’s various information outlets, including the public catalog. Once a request in this new subreddit reaches a certain threshold, it will be allowed to be crossposted to /r/UniversityofReddit for increased attention if it has not been fulfilled.

These policy changes will be strictly enforced. I fully expect that some users will disagree with them, but we feel that they will significantly benefit the quality of the main subreddit and the class creation process.

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