Friday Update (2 March 2012)

New classes this week:

  1. Psykhattak created the class From Page to Stage to be conducted via a subreddit: “We’ll choose one to two plays as a class and then analyze it through the eyes of the production team and the actors.”.
  2. vagueabond created the class Introduction to Handywrite Shorthand, which will also be conducted via a subreddit: “Handywrite is a phonetic shorthand alternative writing system. The aim of this course is to introduce Redditors to shorthand as a tool for writing notes, improving efficiency or just plain doing something fun.”
  3.  xdeathr3v3rx created Basic Hockey, which is set to start on 5 March 2012 and whose material will be distributed via a blog.

Other updates:

  1. Learn to Play Bridge has started and is waiting on a couple people to catch up in order to start playing. The instructor has competed on the worldwide level – how often will you get this chance? Check it out!
  2. Introduction to Autodesk inventor had its first lecture.
  3. Insect Identification had its first lecture over Ventrilo. Unfortunately, the UReddit Ventrilo server was misconfigured and the discussion had to be held on an alternate server; the UReddit server has been fixed and is now operational.
  4. Painting a still life in oil is off to start. Get some paints and join! Haven’t we all wanted to learn to paint at some point? Join before it becomes difficult to catch up.
  5. The next problem and solution sets for Intro to Group Theory have been posted. The lectures are all on YouTube, so it’s not too late to join, and the instructor is very accessible.

For real-time updates, follow @uofreddit; for discussion and interest checks for new classes, subscribe to /r/UniversityofReddit.

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