Friday Update (24 Feb 2012)

The past week brought quite a bit to UReddit.

First, the newest redesign of the website is now live. Hopefully you will agree that it looks better. It also brings a basic activity feed on user pages and the ability to up-/downvote classes. Adding a classes automatically upvotes it for you, and dropping it downvotes it unless its class status is “finished”. An important note is that the front page now only displays active classes; completed classes will be listed in the new UReddit Archive.

New classes:

  1. mbern28, who is “a third year Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering double major at the University of California at Davis” started Introduction to Autodesk Inventor to introduct students to the Autodesk Inventory package, which he has used “to model a plane for [his] school aerospace SAE team”. The class will begin 26 February.
  2. anastas started Introduction to Web Development with HTML/CSS and has already put up three PDFs.
  3. delibaltas, who has competed competitively in European and world bridge tournaments, has started Learn to Play Bridge. Check the class page for links to his competitive record and to the class subreddit he is using.
  4. JMartin started Painting a Still Life in Oil. He has used UReddit’s filehosting service to put up a simple website for his class. The class page notes (that complete the class): “A panel of judges will critique your work. Evaluating the steps you have taken to get where you are in your painting, and giving you input on your development. This panel is comprised of professional artists, art educators, and art students.”

Other updates:

  1. thejournalizer completed his Online Communities 101 class, which is now listed in the UReddit Archive.
  2. fryinpanman continues to update his cooking class. Make sure to subscribe to his subreddit to get updates!
  3. Sebatinksy is one video away from completing his Intro to Swordplay: 17th Century Italian Fencing class.
  4. SchurThing continues to post problem sets and solutions for this Intro to Group Theory class. All of the video lectures for the class are already up on his YouTube channel; if you have an interest in higher mathematics, it isn’t too late to join!

For updates as they happen, follow @uofreddit on Twitter; for discussion, subscribe to /r/UniversityofReddit (there are a few potential classes being discussed there now as an interest check!)


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