UReddit filehosting for teachers

If you are teaching a UReddit class, you can request a filehosting account. You can request this by PMing Reddit user anastas, PMing UReddit using anastas, emailing anastas [at] ureddit.com, or tweeting @uofreddit.

You will be given an SFTP account to use for uploading and managing your class files. You can access your account using any SFTP client, examples of which are WinSCP (for Windows) and Cyberduck (for Mac OS X).

Any class that has class files uploaded through this system will automatically display a “[class files]” link alongisde the “[class page]” link in its catalog listings and class page; this link will take you to the publicly-available list of files which are managed using your SFTP account. You can use it simply to serve files to link to other people, or you can upload HTML files to make a simple website. All that is asked is that you are reasonable with disk space usage and that you do not use it for personal or illegal uses.

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