Details on email

Every UReddit user is automatically given an email address, which is [your username] There are several ways in which you can use your email account:

  1. Email client such as Thunderbird, Outlook,, &c using the IMAP-SSL / SMTP-SSL settings in the bulleted list below;
  2. Gmail’s POP checker, using the POP3 / SMTP-SSL settings listed below; or
  3. Set up a forwarding address on your user settings page.

Login details:

  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: your regular UReddit password
  • Server:
  • POP3 incoming port: 995
  • IMAP-SSL incoming port: 993
  • SMTP-SSL outgoing port: 465
  • SMTP authentication: same username and password as above


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4 Responses to Details on email

  1. Danh Pham says:

    Just for fun, could we try applying for an .edu email address?

  2. Jay Murphy says:

    Let’s get started!

  3. Jeroen says:

    Could incoming mails be sent to the ureddit inbox as well / instead?

  4. Christopher Kramlich says:

    I second that url. Great idea.

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