Human Anatomy & Physiology I

A University of Reddit class on Human Anatomy, level I.

We'll go over

  • Basics of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Basics of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cellular Biology
  • Integumentary System (Tissue & Gross)
  • Nervous System (Tissue, PNS, ANS, CNS)
  • Skeletal System (Tissue & Gross)
  • Muscle System (Tissue of Skeletal and Smooth, +120 muscles or so)
  • Endocrine System ...and may add more as time/interest allows

I'm going to try to show how cool the body is and all the amazing things that happen. So my approach will be to point out the really cool stuff. We'll need to cover some background/basics to get some of that. I'm doing that instead of focusing on just learning absolutely everything about the body (which I can't teach, and would be boring I think for the casual passerby). We will also go over how breakdown of systems shows us the workings of each system.

Insect Identification

A nine-part course focusing primarily on family-level identification of common insects. The main goal of this course is to provide a sound practical understanding of insect diversity that will assist you in classifying organisms.


The study of the structural, and hence functional, abnormalities that express disease. Pathos is Greek for grief, and logos for science. So simply- the science of grief or "dis-ease".