Logic 101 - How to Spot and Avoid Informal Fallacies

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Politicians, marketers, and anybody paid to convince you of things are aware that people aren't intuitively good at logic. They know where the holes in our understanding are and know how to exploit them. If you're aware of what they're doing, why it sounds good, and why it's wrong, you won't be easily swayed by misleading arguments.

Logic is pretty easy to learn, despite the fact that humans are intuitively very bad at it. This class covers basic informal fallacies that you are likely to hear in everyday conversation.

Nietzsche's Zarathustra

We will get an introductory course to Nietzsche's philosophy by attempting to decode some of the more difficult passages of his "greatest gift given to mankind" his "Zarathustra".

Class is here

Introduction to Heidegger (Began 22nd June 2012)

Heidegger is an incredibly difficult philosopher (for reasons that will become clear upon sustained study). He quite simply thought like no other. The aim of this class is to allay the initial difficulties encountered when approaching Heidegger for the first time. I aim to help readers towards finding an understanding of the basics of Heidegger's thinking, beginning with Being and Time.