General Studies
Starting your Own Business

Starting your Own Business Syllabus: Course Description: This business course is offered to students who want to learn how to set up and structure their business. Upon completing the full course, students will have obtained these abilities: 1) How to create solid business plans and ideas to measure feasibility of a business, 2) How to register your business with a state, 3) How to set up business checking accounts, 4) How to avoid potential pitfalls for startup businesses.

Semester Assignment: All teams will give 1 10 minute presentation of their select business plan. Every team member must speak at least once. In addition to the presentation, each person is to complete their own full business plan and mail it to the professor. Each business plan will be graded by the each team’s members. Students are encouraged to give only constructive criticism to team members business plans.

Intro to Dog Training and Behavior

This course will cover the basics of dog training and behavior. It will go over dog body language, different breeds and types of dogs, the basics to operant conditioning, important life stages and the training that should be done during them, and important things to train.

Intro to Swordplay: 17th Century Italian Fencing

This course introduces you to the theoretical framework of 17th century Italian fencing, as well as basic technical skills. Early in the 17th century, a number of books were printed that described a coherent system of thrust-oriented swordplay. This course is a general introduction to that fencing system. For cost reasons, students will use foils instead of rapier simulators. If students have an interest beyond the scope of the class, additional equipment will be necessary.

You will learn to:

Take a correct guard stance

Use the 4 hand positions

Advance and retreat


Invite your opponent to attack

Parry an attack

Engage your opponent's blade

Disengage from your opponent's engagement

Safely attack your opponent

Use one tempo, two tempi, and countertempo actions

Use a feint to create an opportunity

Parry with your hand

Complete pair drills with a partner

Intro to Technical Writing

This course will introduce the student to technical writing. Types of writing we will cover will include memos, proposals, resumes, surveys, and other forms of professional writing. This course is meant to be a broad taste of the subject and as such will cover a wide range of applications without going too deeply into any one.

Test Professors Intensive SAT Prep Course (11/3/12 Test)

This intensive course covers the most-frequently tested question types in all the sections of the SAT. Each week of the four-week class will cover 5 lessons in Math, Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary. The course is designed to be helpful to all students, regardless of their score targets.

Book Club: The Time Machine

Hello there URedditors! This month we will be embarking on a journey to see if a monthly book club will work well for our community. If you missed the previous post, you can find details here, but the TL;DR is that each month we will select a book to read, break down the chapters into four sections, and have a weekly discussion about it on the UReddit subreddit. At the final week of discussions you all will get to suggest and vote for the next month’s book. The only requirement is that the book must be available in a digital version to make it easily accessible.

Discussion one is now live: