Fun and Games
Puppy Training 101

For everyone that has just brought a new puppy home, or maybe an older dog home from the shelter, there are basic manners every canine should know.

This course will allow you to live in a stress-free environment when it comes to making your new roommate feel at home, bond, and acquire a new skill that you will be able to use with any of your dogs later in life.

BBQ 101

Teaching the basics of the low-and-slow method of BBQ

Making Games with Construct2

It's a real treat! A 4 weeks course on the basics of making HTML5 games with construct 2.

For those who don't know construct 2, it's a very easy to use game making tool. (You can download it for free)

HTML5 is a technology compatible with desktop computers, iOS, Android, and Windows8 devices.
So, in short, you'll learn to make games that everybody in the world will be able to play.

It's free, and it's designed to work on the free version of Construct2.
We don't want your money, just your will to learn, and in exchange, here's what you'll get:

This course will be LIVE every saturday evening (GMT+1) during 4 weeks.
Live means:

  • you'll see Yann or Kyatric using Construct 2 directly on screen
  • you'll hear one of us live
  • you'll be able to directly ask us any question
  • if you miss the session, don't worry, the session will be recorded (on twitch and then uploaded on youtube) and directly replayable.

You'll be able to talk to us via a chatroom. During the live session, one of us will obviously do the presentation, and the other will stay with you on the chat.
If anyone bring something relevant for the current topic of the course, the question will be directly passed to the talker for live answer.

On top of these 4 live sessions, we'll be available all week on reddit and scirra's forums to answer any question about this course.
But remember, our goal is for you to learn. So, we might challenge you to try to answer some of your question yourself, with some hints (:

To support our teaching, we'll go through the making of this simple platformer:

You'll learn many of C2's cool features. How to set up your projects, how to use the most useful plugins and behaviors, how an event sheet is executed, debugging, local/global variables, understanding picking, how containers work, some basics of using function, creating simple patrolling enemies, scrolling, stomping, checkpoint, respawn, changing levels, and so on.

But more than that, you'll learn the thinking and process behind making such game. From the idea, to prototyping, to adding graphics, animation and sounds to get a finished and good looking game you can export to any website.
Our ambition is not to just make a "how to" but to communicate the reasons behind the choices made. So you'll be able to adapt them to your own design.

And that's only what we assure will be during the live courses. We'll also provide some written tutorials, example capx (sources) and videos.

Amongst all of that, we hope to have a fair amount of interaction with you, we'll be waiting for your challenging questions. We don't necessarily intent to reproduce exactly the same game as in the example. The demo game is more of a guideline, and depending on your question and suggestion, we might come up with a different result.

In the end, we hope you'll be able to gain enough momentum to be able to develop games on your own using Construct 2 (:

Lucid Dreaming 101

This is an 8 week course for learning how to lucid dream. It's for those of all levels, even those who still aren't sure how to define a lucid dream.

The course is now finished, but you can still access all the videos and materials and study by yourselves. However, I will not be available to answer things like the weekly Q&A.