Drawing 101: Seeing the World Anew

This is a 13 week course for absolute beginners to drawing.

I will introduce fundamental concepts, assign weekly drawing projects, and critique your work regarding the good as well as the not so good.

Each Wednesday night I will upload a new video (or multiple videos if need be) to our subreddit. Students will scan/photograph and upload their images to imgur and share them in that week's thread. I will comment on each and provide feedback.

Drawing is fun, meditative, and it improves your understanding of both the world and yourself.

Course starts 7/14/2010.

Intro to Video Game Concept Art and Drawing [Completed]

A 12 week course to show you how industry professionals go about conceptualizing new ideas, from silhouettes to rendering out an image.

Subreddit location:

All resources and video lessons:

Writing for the stage, screen and internet- from radio plays to webisodes, a complete course on script production.

Course will Run 6 weeks-

  • Week 1- Radio Plays: We will be examining Radio Scripts from the Golden Age, Learning to make Script Boards, Learn about Editing and Sound Effects

  • Section 1.1 Radio Drama- email for package download information

  • Week 2- Writing for the Stage: We will examine various types of theatre- Realism, Naturalism, Minimalism, Absurdism, and so forth. Looking at different scripts staging methods, and examining the process from script to stage

  • Week 3-Writing For Television: We will look at different Series and how they are structured- will mostly focus on modern drama and science fiction, some action and comedy as well - It's Always Sunny, Deadwood, Buffy, Firefly, Breaking Bad, Justified, Louie, Seinfeld. Treme, Caprica,

  • Week 4- Writing for the Screen: With movies, format is the Key, there will be required reading for this section as the only way to write for the Film Industry is to understand its language- Films have a very specific story arc and plot points.

  • Week 5- Writing Webisodes: Looking at some popular web series, such as The Guild, Dr. Horrible, and others.

  • Week 6- Final Projects- By now the student should have had a chance to find their footing somewhat , the last week will be spent writing either the first ten pages of a film, the first act of a play, the first act of a television series, a full webisode or full radio drama

Class Limited to 12 students per session.


All Class Material and Lectures will Be Available @

It is free to sign up, and subscribe to the class.

An introduction to photography

The goal of this class is to teach people the basics of photography, both from a technical and an artistic point of view.

You won't be Ansel Adams by the end of this, but if you follow the entire course, you should gain a thorough understanding of how a camera works, how to avoid the most common mistakes, how to create technically good images and have an idea about the basics of composition.

Drawing from Within

A course from the ground up about drawing.

Starting from Thursday 23rd of June, running for 10 weeks.

Each Thursday night there will be an initial live broadcast for those who can make it, and can interact directly with me as the class goes on.

Immediately afterwords the video will be online to download on demand for people to view at their leisure.

There will also be an assignment after each class for you to do and post your examples of on the subreddit for critique and appraisal.

From Page to Stage

We will look at how directors, dramaturgs, designers, actors, and publicity analyze a play and create the world of the play.

Unspeakable Horror Writing

As of 9-28-12, my Unspeakable Horror Writing course will officially be closing its doors. Increased work outside of reddit has made maintaining the class nearly impossible, but I'm proud of the time students have spent with their stories; hopefully, they are too. Thank you for the opportunity to teach horror writing!

Thank you for considering my Unspeakable Horror Writing course, but be warned that your experience here might be... unpleasant. You will not be learning what scares, “people,” and implementing those fears into your writing; you'll be learning what scares you, and given the opportunity to share your findings. Are you willing to wound yourself so that others are shocked by the blood? As horror writers, you should be.

You'll be offended, disgusted, frightened, and shocked by the material we'll cover, but in the end, your ability to come up with horror-themed content will prosper.

Discussion of our topics will be the highest priority, so grammar and spelling won't be graded. However, following the given prompts and responding to other classmates' stories will, so be ready to participate!

Introduction to Video Creation - Voice, Recording, Editing

The Internet is a democratic medium. It allows everybody to not just consume, but produce themselves! In this course I will talk about all the basics you need to know to do just that with good quality. This includes everything from voice training over lighting techniques and video and audio recording to encoding. The materials of the class are videos hosted on youtube, which will be updated at least weekly. There is no fixed schedule to this class.

Creative Writing and Narrative Craft Crash Course

The goal of this course would be to introduce beginning or intermediate fiction writers to a set of formal terminology and concepts, both practical and theoretical, that they can then use while composing or editing, and which will allow them to read fiction in any genre for specific craft elements. Course "assignments" will include optional craft discussions on "required" readings and optional creative writing assignments that emphasize a certain craft element. The course will be run asynchronously, and would probably be the first in a series of more specific courses on the individual topics covered.

Readings will include craft essays, short stories, and short stories that have been marked up as a model for students to emphasize certain elements of craft.