UReddit API



Send a request to http://ureddit.com/api with any parameters as HTTP GET parameters. You must always supply a type paramater and, for all types listed below except catalog, you must provide an id parameter.


The following values can be provided for the type parameter

  • catalog: returns a list of category ids.
  • category: requires id. Returns the category name and a list of the ids of all classes in that category.
  • class: requires id. Returns all class information, including the roster (a list of user ids), lectures (a list of lecture ids), and teachers (a list of user ids).
  • lecture: requires id. Returns the lecture name and description and any associated links (a list of link ids).
  • link: requires id. Returns the link title and URL.
  • user: requires id. Returns the user username, registration date, and schedule.


Add a jsonp GET parameter whose value is the name of the callback function in which the JSON is to be wrapped (e.g. jsonp=parseFunction) and the response will be formatted as per the JSONP standard.


All data is returned encoded in JSON.